Just Call Me “Yukon Shawn”

Well, actually…I didn’t make it to the Yukon Territory proper, but I came pretty close to it during my visit to Alaska. I’ve recently returned from an Alaskan cruise on which I was performing. With it being my first visit to this state, I must say that it was stunning! Coming from Southern California (and our current five-year drought), I’m not used to all the greenery, but Alaska has it in spades! Lovely rolling hills of green, gigantic snow-capped mountains, and the Hubbard Glacier!

I’d have to say that visiting the Hubbard Glacier was the highlight of the trip and probably the most awe-inspiring thing I have seen in a very long time. Words cannot describe the feeling one gets when approaching this icy behemoth, and if you are lucky to get close enough to it, you will see it grow to an unimaginable 350 – 400 feet in size. If you are even luckier (and I wasn’t on this trip, unfortunately), you may even witness a calving. Taking in the dazzling, pristine blue and the sheer enormity of the glacier is a truly humbling experience. It almost felt pointless to perform the two shows I was scheduled to do that day. What could I show these people that would be more amazing than what they had already seen?

Me standing in front of the Hubbard Glacier. The picture does not do it justice, but to give you an idea of the size of this thing, this picture was taken 2.3 miles away from the glacier – the closest we could safely get to it due to all the ice in the water.

I did end up performing that day and the shows were great. Nice audiences, but it’s hard to follow an “opening act” such as the Hubbard Glacier.

Crystal Serenity Juneau June 29 2016 1050pmA shot of the ship I was on heading back out to sea after visiting Juneau. Note that the sun is beginning to set. This photo was taken at 10:50 pm.


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