The Mexican Adaptation

As I write this, I am currently moving into my sixth and final week of a run of shows that I have had here in Cancun/Playa del Carmen/Akumal/Tulum, Mexico. Over the past five years I have performed down here over a half-dozen times and the scenery here never gets old. The picture you see above is of the sculpture that greets you as you walk onto the beach in Playa del Carmen, and yes, the water really is that blue! I perform my full-evening comedy magic show for the guests in many of the all-inclusive resorts in this area, and the experience is always an interesting and informative one.

“Adaptation” is, I believe, the best word to describe what living and performing in this area for six weeks is all about. You need to quickly adapt, both professionally and personally, if you are going to have a successful stay. I have adjusted the material in my show, my expectations of both my audiences and the people I encounter here in every day life, and my acceptance of just the overall way things are accomplished here more times than I can imagine in my many visits. Please don’t read this as a complaint. I am very grateful that my occupation allows me to see places such as this. My statement is more of an informed observation.

The lyrics that begin Neil Diamond’s song, I Am…I Said perfectly sum up what living in Playa is like–if you just change the word “LA” to “Mexico”:

Mexico’s fine, the sun shine’s most the time
And the feeling is “lay back”
Palm trees grow and rents are low

O.K., the song was written back in the early 70s when rents in LA were low, and, truly, most everything here in Mexico–including rents–is fairly cheap. However, the remaining lines that finish out that first verse aptly describe how I’m feeling right now:

But you know I keep thinkin’ about
Making my way back

Yes, as much as I love the scenery and lifestyle here (the weather has been especially lovely this time around–not too humid or hot as it often can be), after five weeks here and going into my sixth, I’m anxious to get back to the States.


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